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search engine marketingBright Matter combine creative and technical skills with business and marketing skills to maximum effect. Bright Matter can work either alongside an appointed marketing agency or internal marketing team to affect a complete online marketing strategy that meets the needs of the business.

Bright matter contributes to the internal sales and marketing team, knowledge and guidance for improving the performance of the website. This may manifest itself in many ways from analysing the current performance of the web site and altering the website structure to improve search engine rankings or undertaking a complete design and build for a new site.

With the web presence such an important contributor to the marketing of your business we can make observations on design, visitor experience on the site and the competitive nature of web marketing in your industry. Whether you are planning a new or revised website or just want to give an existing website a lift Bright Matter can help you formulate an appropriate plan.

Typical project objectives:

  • Assimilate business and market intelligence into the web marketing plan
  • Monitor accurate data of customer visits to web site and sales conversion rates
  • Increase traffic via top search engine listings
  • Undertake competitor analysis
  • Generate more web enquiries from predefined targeted prospects

Most of our project work starts with some consultancy to provide direction on the project. Market Research and customer profiling is an important step toward a successful outcome.

Market research / Customer profiling

Our consultancy sessions focus on getting a better understanding of your business. This includes sales trends, what products / services you sell, ratio of new customers to existing customers, current marketing and the buying procedures. This information is gathered in order to give us a “buyer profile” that focuses the website design, build and search engine optimisation process.

Web marketing should be totally customer focused as it is the customer who has total control over their search. It is for us to anticipate their problems, objectives, applications, issues, questions and therefore the search terms. It is for them alone to make judgement on the design, the effectiveness of your site, your company, and the products you sell and therefore the ability for you to satisfy their query. It is with this in mind that one should segment the customers into appropriate groups which may have differing issues, problems or requirements.

We would discuss with you the identity of customers to ascertain which vertical markets you are selling into. We also look at the customer’s product cycle to see and understand at what stage they have a need for your products / services.

This information is key to your website, what it should include, what functionality it needs and ways of managing visitors around the site.

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